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Business Consulting
Business Consulting

Achieve your goals.

Are you looking to make changes in your business, but aren’t sure where to start? Destined’s consultants will guide you and your team to the right projects at the right time. Using established tools, and our personal experience growing and selling companies, we’ll work with you to craft a custom roadmap to achieve your goals.

The Journey

Your journey is our journey.

Destined isn’t a typical cold and distant consulting firm. We’re genuine. We’re energizing.  We’re Noble.

Our journey begins with an assessment of the current health and sustainability of your business.  If there are areas that need improvement, your roadmap will include strategic projects focused on mitigating risks and enhancing long-term capabilities within your business.

Getting to Know Your Business

To understand how we get to know your business, here are just a few examples of what we look at:

People – how well do you attract, retain, and develop your staff.
Financials – how often do you review and communicate financial results.
Customers – have you diversified your customer base to minimize risk.
Processes – have systems been developed for efficiency and continuity.

Using Data to Develop a Growth Strategy

We’re fully data-driven– we know that the only true path to a business destiny realized, is one that’s paved by reliable data and sound strategy.

We’ll combine data-driven insights with our proprietary tools and processes to set you on course to your legacy.

Analyzing the Market and Competitors

Whether as part of a growth strategy, or in preparation for a sale, we help identify markets and channels that provide opportunities for the business to enter the next stage of growth.

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Sale Preparation

Business growth consulting by Destined.

Whether yours is a journey for growth, or an eventual business sale, here’s how our consulting process will help prepare you and your business.  You’ll be guided through three distinct phases on your strategic consulting journey: Chart, Propel, and Savor. First, we’ll clarify your vision and Chart a roadmap outlining your goals, then we’ll work together to Propel the business toward your goals, and throughout the journey we’ll stop to Savor each achievement.

Acquisition Preparation

We CHART the path from where you are today to the realization of your destiny. Our process will:

Assess your starting point
Clarify your destination
Map your business journey


With your roadmap in hand, we’ll help PROPEL your business toward your destiny. We work with you to:

Align your team
Guide strategic projects
Accelerate performance
Document your journey


Throughout your journey there will be moments to celebrate. Together, we will SAVOR each:

Team reward
Legacy realized

Our consulting services.

You can engage Destined for the full suite of services, or begin with a smaller adventure designed to meet your needs.

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Vision Session

Imagine your future, identify your priorities, and determine a timeframe to reach your destiny.

Strategy Roadmap

Develop a map of your journey to communicate your vision and align your team around your goal.

Journey Tracking

Stay on track as we measure your progress and hold the team accountable throughout the journey.

Achievement Reward Program

Retain your top talent and incentivize your team by rewarding progress along the journey.

Guided Projects

Take a deep dive into your most important priorities to implement strategic change that will add lasting value.

Talk to Destined to learn how they can help you through these steps.

Lets Connect

Acquiring for growth or selling right now – let’s strategize.

Whether you’re looking to grow, or looking to sell, the Destined team has the experience and tools to make the journey a rewarding experience.

The journey to the right business sale can be a long and winding one.

From defining your legacy to mapping a path to ownership transfer, the sooner you start preparing, the better.

Destined will guide you on this voyage – from strategy to execution.

Growth Strategy Consulting for Your Business

Destined’s team of growth consultants are experienced entrepreneurs that offer strategic solutions, because the right acquisition will not only establish your legacy but get you to your destiny faster.

Hear from our consulting clients.


A management team improves capabilities to increase the business’s value prior to sale.

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Acquisition Preparation

An owner uses the Achievement Reward program to support his acquisition growth strategy.

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Business Consulting

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“The Destined approach does an excellent job of clarifying areas of the business that need more improvement than others. I can’t imagine not having them on my business journey.”

Scott Kobayashi, CEO & Co-Founder, Delta Project Management

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