THRIVE: Adjusting Team Capabilities to Prepare for the ‘New Normal’

We have spent most of the past few months outlining several opportunities that businesses and organizations can take advantage of to thrive in current times. Our final area of exploration is the one that ties them all together. From our Visioning and Positioning exercises all the way through to Systems and Processes, you need to have the right people, with the right skills, in the right roles to support your desired growth.

It is all too easy to get caught up asking yourself if your current team capabilities are sufficient to meet the status quo. Real change happens when you widen your horizons and begin preparing for that next big level of growth. When evaluating product offerings or services or expansion into new markets, a complementary activity is building strategies around what skills and energy you will need to successfully execute to get you there. In all reality, those individual team members who helped you to get where you are today inevitably may not have the requisite skills and experience to get you to tomorrow’s goals.

To get where you are going, you already need to be positioned to flourish upon arrival.

Assessing, Designing, and Evaluating Team Capabilities

To initiate this strategy creation, we ask three fundamental questions as part of our Assess, Design, and Evaluate methodology. In the assessment, what does your organization look like today, and what changes will we have to make to get to where you want to be tomorrow? In design, what functional capabilities are necessary, and who will be responsible for helping you fulfill them as you grow? Finally, in the evaluation portion, have we covered all the functional roles necessary, or are there still capability gaps that require additional design solutions?

The outcome of this process is used to create a custom roadmap that helps you resolve the most significant human resource concerns before they even emerge. To keep your team growing and thriving, specific aspects of how work is performed and who is performing it will need to adapt over time. Most people mistakenly believe when a skills gap appears, it is a people failure. In actuality, it is a failure to plan for the skills and knowledge needed within the organization to support future growth.

There are more aspects to consider than you might realize initially. If you require additional competencies, should you upskill current employees (usually the preferred and cheaper method) or hire the expertise and then work to blend it into your existing culture? What are the benefits and drawbacks of developing in-house staff versus bringing in new talent for your needs? Once we work through each of these points in your unique circumstance, we also look for opportunities to systematize new skill sets throughout your organization for the most beneficial impact.

Be Mindful of Energy Depletion

Teamwork, collaboration, and connection fuel successful organizations and help define their culture. It is little surprise then that the sustained detachment resulting from the COVID-19 crisis has had ill effects on many companies. As we covered in detail in Mistake #7, team energy is depleted in a pandemic because people experience a range of painful emotions, including fear, anxiety, and uncertainty, all while living more isolated existences.

You may not have the benefit of reenergizing your team with face-to-face activities. Still, there are ways to overcome the group sedation and exhaustion that results from back-to-back video calls and ever-increasing life demands. Setting a plan to help your team reconnect with your organization’s vision can reinvigorate the spark. Remember, there is a reason why these people chose to work with you in the first place. Taking the time to tap back into those feelings and connect around a shared vision has never been more critical than it is now.

Let Destined assist you in assessing your organization’s functional capabilities to uncover gaps and help you build a robust base that will get you to the desired level of growth. Contact Kim Kaselionis, Managing Director to discuss more.

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