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A first time CEO reimagined her brand so she could increase bill rates and ultimately improve net margin.






Margin Increase


Average Client Contract

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Rapid Growth Challenges

This owner developed a specialized recruiting business that provided independent contractors to clients based on their specific needs. She made an aggressive entry into the market due to her low rates and her business grew rapidly.

As a first time CEO she was unsure of how to sustain the growth and the profits were far below expectations.

  • No long term customer contracts

  • Low margins as a result of low rates

  • Lack of organizational structure

Client Results

Destined worked with the owner to re-position her business into a premier brand so she could increase her rates. She was guided through a functionality project to determine the roles and responsibilities that would be needed to achieve the next level of growth. A growth roadmap was developed to build supplemental channels to new sections of her market.

  • Premier positioning

  • 20% margin increase

  • New client contracts with required minimums

Vision Session
Guided Project: Brand Positioning
Guided Project: Functionality

“Destined helped me reevaluate my business plan at a critical stage of development. I worked with the team to rebrand my business which gave me the financial ability to build an infrastructure that could support future growth. I am grateful for the team’s wisdom and efforts to help me evolve my business.”

CEO & Owner, Specialized Recruiting Firm

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