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Building a management
team to hit profit targets.

Building a management team to scale a business. This client needed to grow beyond the founders to become an industry leader.




New Regions


Profit Growth


Revenue Growth

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Beyond The Founders

The founders of a successful consulting services firm were bogged down with administrative duties and didn’t have the capacity to grow it further. In an effort to free themselves up they added an operations team so they could get back to the business development activities they enjoyed.

A Strategic Roadmap was needed to give the founders the confidence to invest in building a management team to reach their growth goals.

  • Revised organization structure and business management needed

  • Formal planning and analysis was not in place

  • Sales stalled as owners worked in the business not on the business

Client Results

Destined supported the owners as they worked through getting the right people into the right roles. The founders built a talented and capable management team who could manage operations while supporting business development activities. Destined simultaneously worked with the founders to re-define their vision, develop a strategic roadmap, and implement a progress reward program to incentivize the team.

  • 133% profit increase

  • Founders and management team alignment on growth goals

  • Team is incentivized and retained

Vision Session
Strategic Roadmap
Achievement Rewards Program

“I initially reached out to Destined to perform a valuation of my consulting business. I quickly realized they could also offer strategic advice and support which ultimately gave me the framework and courage to tackle the challenges that come with scaling a business. The value I continue to receive is hard to quantify, but I can’t imagine not having them in my corner as I navigate pitfalls and “brick walls” on my business journey.”

CEO & Owner, Consulting Services Firm

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