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Although it wasn’t something he previously considered, this owner realized that selling his business to a strategic acquirer would be the fastest way to create his legacy.


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EBITDA Multiple


Post-Acquisition Growth


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Opportunity Comes Knocking

The thought of selling his technology company had not crossed this owners mind. He was happy with how the security firm had developed, and it was on a healthy growth trajectory. But when he was approached by a international strategic acquirer he began to consider the possibilities.

Knowing he needed guidance to explore the opportunity, he engaged the Destined team to navigate the transaction process.

  • Market Valuation

  • Vision Session

  • Acquisition Roadmap

Client Results

Using proprietary tools Destined first determined if there was cultural and systemic alignment which would ensure successful integration of the company. In this process the synergies between the two companies were discovered, the owner recognized the opportunity to leverage the acquirer’s strategic assets to accelerate growth. Once a price was agreed, Destined negotiated transaction and employment structures for key principals and managed the post-merger communication and integration plans.

  • Sold for 9x industry average multiple

  • 2x revenue growth post merger

  • Added a national sales team

Vision Session
Acquisition Roadmap
Post-Merger Communication Planning
Post-Merger Integration Management

“Destined was highly recommended by a venture capital firm and I found the team to be knowledgeable, experienced, wise and trustworthy. We got through the due diligence process in an orderly manner and transacted at favorable terms that benefitted all stakeholders. We are all very happy with the outcome.”

CEO & Owner, Application Security Frim

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