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Aligning a team for growth.

The founders had a clear vision for their future, but they would need to develop their management team in order to achieve their goals.




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A Misaligned Team

A group of engineers found themselves running their rapidly growing custom software business. Trained as engineers they had no experience in running a business or managing people.

Matters were further complicated when they discovered their vision was not aligned with their management team’s.

  • No management experience

  • Lack of alignment on future vision

  • No clear services architecture

Client Results

During the Vision Session the founders and the management team communicated their individual goals and aligned around a common goal for the future of the business. With the growth target set, Destined guided the team in building a strategic roadmap and identifying the most important projects on the journey to their growth target. Two of these were brand positioning and services architecture, Destined supported the team in their strategy development and execution.

  • Founders and management team aligned

  • Updated service offering drove growth

  • Company eventually sold at an industry premium

Vision Session
Strategic Growth Roadmap
Guided Project: Brand Positioning
Guided Project: Services Architecture

“When we met Destined we were at odds with our team on what the future would hold for our business. The Destined process provided a forum in which we could openly communicate and find a way forward that we could all agree on. Ultimately we decided to sell the business which would not have been possible without Destined’s earlier guidance.”

CEO & Founder, Custom Software Company

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