Reach your destiny.

You may desire change within your business, but are unsure of what to do next. Destined consultants utilize their tools and experience to build a roadmap that guides you and your team to the right projects at the right time. Begin the strategic planning process and feel energized to achieve your goals.

Plan your journey.

You will be guided through three distinct phases on your journey: Chart, Propel, and Savor. We will clarify your vision for the future, develop a roadmap to achieve your growth goals, and track progress along your journey. Throughout, Destined will guide as you navigate obstacles, take detours, and identify opportunities.

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We CHART the course from where you are today to the realization of your destiny. Our visioning process will:

  • Assess Your Starting Point

  • Clarify Your Destination

  • Chart Your Company Journey


With your roadmap in hand you will PROPEL your business toward your destiny. We work with you to:

  • Align Your Team

  • Guide Strategic Projects

  • Accelerate Performance

  • Document Your Journey


Throughout your journey there will be moments to celebrate. Together, we will SAVOR each:

  • Milestone Achieved

  • Team Reward

  • Legacy Realized

Our consulting services.

Each of our relationships are unique, but our clients share the desire for change. We customize our strategic planning process based on your unique vision and values. You can engage Destined for the full suite of services, or begin with a smaller adventure designed to meet your needs.

Consulting Destined

Vision Session

Imagine your future, identify your priorities, and determine a timeframe to reach your destiny.

Strategy Roadmap

Develop a map of your journey to communicate your vision and align your team around your goal.

Journey Tracking

Stay on track as we measure your progress and hold the team accountable throughout the journey.

Achievement Reward Program

Retain your top talent and incentivize your team by rewarding progress along the journey.

Guided Projects

Take a deep dive into your most important priorities to implement strategic change that will add lasting value.

Hear from our consulting clients.

Result One

A growth roadmap is charted and a progress reward plan incentivizes the team.

Result Two

A new management team is built and the business exceeds its annual profit target.

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“Thanks for helping me rediscover the joy in my working life. Thank you for slowly coaching me to see things that I didn’t want to see. I just want to acknowledge how brilliant you have been and how grateful I am.”

Feras Al-Zubaidy, Chairman & Owner, Delta Project Management

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How to not only survive but THRIVE.

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