How do you prepare your business for an acquisition?

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How do you prepare your business for an acquisition?

As a dedicated entrepreneur, you’ve nurtured your business through many a massive ‘life’ event. From fledgling market newbie to steadily growing competitor in your industry, and then the powerhouse it’s now become – your business’s journey commands the same pride as that that comes with watching a child thrive. But kids grow, and so do businesses. And the reality is that sometimes your business gets to a point where it needs to metaphorically fly the coop. Simply, there may come a time when your business must leave your stewardship, and move on its own path, with others that may guide it to newer directions and continued successes.

And there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s simply a natural progression. And sometimes it’s for the betterment of your business.

But as entrepreneurs we care deeply for the companies we build, and the process of preparing yours for an acquisition, can be an emotionally charged one, rife with stressful situations. It doesn’t have to be, though. In fact, it can be an exciting time, and the outcome doesn’t have to translate into you losing your business. Rather, it can result in you gaining a legacy.

Destined is here to help. We’re your strategic business consultants, and through our business consulting service, we can guide you through that process. We can advise on the ins and outs. And we can smooth the emotional turmoil of it all. Because on the journey to a savvy acquisition, we’re right there with you.

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And in the meantime, here are 3 quick tips, to prepare you a little better, for the big step that is the acquisition.

It’s all in the numbers, so make sure yours are attractive

Make sure your financials are sound and pretty. If you have a competent finance department, get them to do the prep. A good, consistent record of financial ins and outs will give potential buyers great insight into your business’s health.

And if there are any fiscal skeletons in those closets, be honest, disclose them, and work to rid them with open communication.

Show them what your business can do

If you’re planning to sell, it’s always a great idea to make your business’s profitability look maximized and optimized. Do all you can to develop your key performance indicators (KPIs) and build a consistent reporting structure on the movements and business decisions that show value and tangible profit.

Due diligence is key

In addition to any financial skeletons prospective acquirers will do a deep dive on your revenue to determine how sustainable the cash flows are in the future. They’re a part of your due diligence that can mean a smooth acquisition or a rough one.

Business buyers will also review all contracts with suppliers, employees anyone with whom you do business. They are looking for items that may come back to haunt them after a deal is completed so be sure you are diligence-ready from top to bottom.

As with everything in business, it’s good to know the numbers, and simply be prepared. These are just a few top tips to set you on the path to preparing better for the sale that’s coming – whether it’s in a year or further in the future. At Destined, we’ve been through this process selling our own businesses, so we know that it can be a somewhat stressful time. But like we said, it can also be a very exciting time – watching something you’ve built become an entity on its own. So, not to worry– Destined is on this journey with you, because we’re your strategic business consultants, and your journey is our journey.

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog post.

If you want any of our team members to reach out to you, just book a call.

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