Client Stories

Recently we revealed the expanded content on our site that dives deeper into the services we provide to our clients.

Today we want to share client stories with you so you can hear first-hand about how our Mergers and Acquisitions and Strategic Consulting services have led clients to their destiny.

How we Help

Mergers & Acquisitions

 For over two decades, the Destined team has been guiding business owners.

We’ll bring your business vision to light and work with you to navigate the necessary changes that happen on your way to establishing your business legacy.

Explore our client stories around mergers and acquisitions – we’re sure you’ll find a tale of business success that resonates profoundly with your vision:

  • Hear about how a business owner sold his company to grow his business, click here.
  • Learn how a business owner bought a business, merged unique strategic assets to spark growth, click here.
  • If you are interested in transferring ownership to a family member and want to find out how see how we helped this family do so, click here.
  • See how a business owner sold to a trusted, core management team, effectively ensuring the business maintained its values and vision, click here.

Business Consulting

Using our combined experience in making the right business decisions, we provide you with our proprietary tools to ensure you realize your goals.

These are the stories around how we’ve helped many businesses enhance their growth journey or prepare for a successful exit.

  • Read about how we helped a business owner analyze and identify their exit options, click here.
  • See how we helped a business owner develop a strategic roadmap to a business legacy, click here.
  • Learn how we guide businesses to project wins, click here.
  • Find out how we’ve helped businesses set up an achievement rewards program to incentivize their key talent, click here.

Enjoy these riveting stories of business success. We’re honored to have been part of each and every one.

Click here to explore our brand-new website, and hopefully we’ll be adding your business story to the list, soon.

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