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Mergers & Acquisitions

Create your legacy.

Whether you want to sell your business, or are looking to drive growth through acquisition, the Destined team will show you how to achieve your legacy.

Your Exit

Develop an exit strategy.

If you are ready to sell your business now, mergers and acquisitions are our specialty. If you’re not sure how or when to exit, you’re not alone. One of our most valued M&A services is guiding business owners through their options to develop an exit strategy roadmap.

Developing an exit strategy is an exciting process. We’ll review the options with you, map out the path to your destiny and strategize on how to get you there. Your roadmap will be fully customized based on your unique vision, values, and goals – for your business and life. The Destined team uses our combined business and mergers and acquisitions experience to lead the way.

However, if now is not the right time to exit, our proprietary consulting process helps you build value so you are ready when the right opportunity arises. Making it a priority to set ownership transfer goals, and developing a strategy to achieve them, will lead to a successful business transition.

So, envision your future, we’ll asses where you are now, and then take the first step with us – because your journey is our journey. We’re Destined, and we’re destined to guide.

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How We Help

Ownership transfers by Destined.

Destined is not a typical M&A firm – we are principled guides that provide a genuine, personalized experience that will energize you along the path to your business destiny. To reach your destiny you’ll need a roadmap, so we’ll guide you through three distinct phases in your M&A transaction: Chart, Propel, and Savor.

Connect with Us

We chart where you and your business are today and develop a roadmap that leads to your destiny.


You and your business will be propelled along the journey as your guides lead the way.


As you hit key mileposts on your roadmap, we will stop to savor each moment with you.

Our mergers & acquisitions services.

Destined offers four specialized M&A advisory services.

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Buy-side Advisory

Buying another business will merge your unique selling points with theirs to build a stronger legacy.

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Sell-side Advisory

Selling your business will enable you to retire with more capital, move to the next project, or set your business up for growth to continue your legacy.

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Family Business Transfer

Selling your business to a family member will allow the family legacy to live on.

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Management Team Transfer

Selling your business to your trusted leaders will reward them for their hard work and loyalty.

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Exit Strategy Experts

You need the knowledge of guides who’ve been there and done that.

The Destined team is made up of entrepreneurs, business owners and operating executives that have gone through the process themselves.

Although the journey to your business destiny is unique, a guide with M&A know how will make the experience easier and more rewarding.

Destined, with our combined sales, acquisitions and consulting savvy will custom-build your roadmap to honor your legacy, communicate your goals, and create momentum through strategic planning.

We’ll use our experience and tools – not to mention a deep understanding of data-driven insights and proven methodologies – to map the way to a legacy that will make you proud.

Our M&A advisory clients share their journey.

External Sale

A business owner engages our sell-side team and seizes an opportunity to grow.

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Internal Sale

A third-generation family business transfers ownership through an internal sale.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

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“I’ve spent the last 35 years building a great business with an exceptional team of people. As we approached the milestone of selling or transitioning ownership of the company, I didn’t have a clear vision or plan that maximized the value we created. It was also one of the most significant decisions of my life. The Destined team demonstrated compassion, integrity, and the expertise to guide us to a very successful outcome. I couldn’t be more pleased.”

Mike Scribner, CEO, BCCI Construction

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