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Achieve your legacy.

Our experienced guides help you navigate the winding road of ownership transition. Having traveled this road many times before, your mergers and acquisitions advisory team will navigate roadblocks, guide you through detours, and ensure you reach your destination.

Transition ownership of your business.

A business merger, acquisition, or ownership transfer is a winding road. We will guide you on this journey using three distinct phases: Chart, Propel, and Savor. We will clarify your goals for a change in ownership, identify your priorities, and guide you through the process of transitioning your business.

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Destined will guide you in defining your legacy as you plan to exit the business you spent years building. We will analyze each transition option, weigh the pros and cons, and determine the timeframe in which you seek to exit the business. With this information we can CHART your roadmap to achieve your legacy.


After we develop your custom roadmap we will embark on the PROPEL phase of ownership transition. The Destined team will use our proprietary methodology to confidentially communicate the unique capabilities of your business. Your legacy will be the guiding light as we tell your story and identify the right acquirer.


After we navigate the transition process, you will SAVOR having achieved your legacy. Destined will guide you in sharing the news, rewarding your team, and preparing for your next adventure.

Our mergers & acquisitions advisory services.

Our team of M&A advisors will customize your transition roadmap to achieve your ideal outcome.

mergers & acquisitions advisory


Growth can be achieved efficiently and rapidly through acquisition, we will design a deal to reach your goals.


Selling your business is an emotional journey. We will guide you in finding the best cultural fit and manage the process to ensure a successful transition.


If a merger is part of your journey we will navigate the process and ensure the transaction achieves your legacy.

Transfer Ownership

There are many options to consider when transferring ownership. We will weigh the pros and cons of each so you can choose a plan to achieve your ideal transition.

Our M&A advisory clients share their journey.

Result One

A business owner sells to take advantage of an opportunity to grow.

Result Two

Ownership of a third generation business is transferred after an unexpected passing.

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“I’ve spent the last 35 years building a great business with an exceptional team of people. As we approached the milestone of selling or transitioning ownership of the company, I didn’t have a clear vision or plan that maximized the value we created. It was also one of the most significant decisions of my life. The Destined team demonstrated compassion, integrity, and the expertise to guide us to a very successful outcome. I couldn’t be more pleased.”

Michael Scribner, CEO, BCCI Construction

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