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As a business owner, yours are the hands fixed firmly at the helm of your organization. You’re the one who guides momentum – accelerating for growth opportunities, pumping the brakes when the road gets rough, and constantly shifting gears through the hills and valleys.

But since the first moment you grasped that wheel, you knew you would eventually relinquish it.

In other words, you started the business knowing you would need to eventually sell – either to exit, or to pass it on to worthy colleagues, but always with the view of leaving the business in an upward trajectory, building a legacy for which you could be proud.

But this isn’t a fleeting matter – the journey to the sale is a long and winding road. From defining your business legacy, mapping a path to an ownership transfer, and then embarking on the voyage to a successful sale, the sooner you begin preparing the business the better.

Destined will guide you on this preparation journey – from strategy to execution, we’ll help navigate, manage detours and set course toward your destiny.

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How We Help

Sale Preparation

Preparing to sell starts now.

You’re behind the wheel now, but you can’t drive forever.

The biggest barrier to a business’s future development is its dependence on its owner. Your vision for your business includes its continued success, and so the continuation of your legacy after you exit – but these can only be achieved when you successfully transfer ownership.

A solid exit plan, a road map if you will, is vital to ensuring a successful sale and transition. But before we begin building your roadmap, we’ll use our proprietary tools to assess your starting point. We’ll look at:

  • The company’s past performance to understand it’s growth trajectory.

  • The six types of strategic assets to determine opportunities to build value prior to a sale.
  • The six areas of risk to recommend which need to be mitigated to protect value.

“The Destined approach does an excellent job of clarifying areas of the business that need more improvement than others. I can’t imagine not having them on my business journey.”

Scott Kobayashi, CEO & Co-Founder, Delta Project Management


How do you prepare your business for a sale?

Once we determine your starting point, we’ll recommend a project roadmap to help your business evolve as your team works toward the valuation goal. Here are a few examples of project focus areas:

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Your team means everything to your business. Therefore, it is important to consistently track your ability to attract, retrain, and develop your staff.

Also important is having leaders in your key functional areas that can run the business during its next stage of growth.  The depth of your team will be critical to maintaining continuity as the business continues to grow.


Make sure your financial results are regularly reviewed, your key performance indicators are crystal clear, and that you regularly compare financial performance to industry peers.

There’s nothing that deters a potential buyer more than muddled financial reports, messy books or a bad reputation in the market.


The very nature of a sale and transition means big change for both your organization, and the clients who’ve helped you build it. If these client relationships are dependent upon the owner, it may seem too risky for a potential buyer.

Therefore, customer dependency on you should be minimized, the next generation of leaders need to be empowered to manage client relationships. Then, when the time comes to transfer ownership, these relationships will no longer be at risk.

Another factor to consider is customer diversification.  If all your eggs are in one basket the business is at greater risk than if a diverse customer base is driving your total sales.

Process and Procedure

Lastly, set your managerial team up to succeed under new ownership.

Developing detailed standard operating procedures and checklists on every vital business process will reinforce confidence in the management team’s abilities and guarantee the business will run seamlessly after your departure.

We Guide

Let us help you prepare your business for sale.

Your journey is our journey, and we’re ready to guide you. During our journey together we’ll get your business over bumpy roads, and through roadblocks, to reach your envisioned destiny.

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