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Achieve your destiny.

Whether you’re ready to sell, transfer or grow, we can guide your business journey.
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You are destined.

Whether you are growing your business, or looking to sell, we will guide you to your destiny.
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We customize our guidance for your unique journey.


Create your legacy.

As a business owner, your journey to success is paved with important inflection points.

One of the most monumental of these is a merger or acquisition. If you are ready to transfer ownership, or acquire a business to accelerate growth, Destined will partner with you as your M&A advisor.

We are a team of experienced entrepreneurs and exit planning specialists – all who’ve been there and done that, when it comes to merging and acquiring businesses – so we’ll make sure the experience is a positive one for you and your business. With the Destined team you will be that much closer to creating your legacy.

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Mergers & Acquisitions Services

Mergers & Acquisitions Services

Consulting Services

Business Consulting Services

Business Consulting

Achieve your goals.

The roadmap to your business destiny must be built on a series of carefully planned growth strategies.

If you’re not sure how to develop these strategies, or where to start, Destined’s team of business consultants will help custom craft a plan that will focus your team on the right projects at the right time.

The strategies will be unique to you and your business.  With a business roadmap anchored in strategy, you can spark the changes needed to achieve your goals.

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We are destined to guide.

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External Sale

Sell your business to the buyer that will honor your vision.

External Sale
Internal Sale

Sell your business to a family member, or a trusted colleague.

Internal Sale
Sale Preparation

Prepare yourself and your business to achieve an optimal transaction.

Sale Preparation
Acquisition Preparation

Identify opportunities to expand market capabilities and drive growth.

Acquisition Preparation
Your experience

An easier and more fulfilling journey.

Through a structured and disciplined approach, we’ll draw from our wealth of experience and a well of rich, insightful data to help you achieve your unique business goals.

Your journey is our journey – let’s take the first step together on the road to your business destiny.

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“The Destined team demonstrated compassion, integrity, and the expertise to help guide us to a very successful outcome. I couldn’t be more pleased.”

Mike Scribner, CEO, BCCI Construction Company

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Feel inspired and empowered.

Our team is energized by strategic change and the momentum it creates to move individuals and organizations forward. We are known for being genuine and experienced partners that guide our clients through transition. We consult across industry sectors including technology, retail, manufacturing, service firms and more.

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