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Whether you are growing your business, or looking to sell, we will guide you to your destiny.
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Mergers & Acquisitions Services

Mergers & Acquisitions Services


Your Business Sale Partner

At Destined, we specialize in turning the pivotal decision to sell your business into a strategic, rewarding journey. Leveraging deep market insights and a personalized approach, we stand as your premier business broker, helping you sell your business through a successful sale that creates your legacy.

If you are ready to begin to understand your exit options, are ready to sell or have been approached by a potential acquirer, Destined will partner with you as your M&A advisor.

Our M&A services are designed with your success in mind. From evaluating exit options to closing the deal, our experienced team of former business owners and seasoned brokers provides the expertise and support you need to sell your business with confidence. We understand the market and how to position your business for the best possible outcome.

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Personalized Strategy: Each business sale is unique. We craft bespoke strategies that highlight your personal and business goals to find the right buyers.
Expert Negotiation: With years of experience, we navigate negotiations to secure the best terms, ensuring a smooth transition.

Comprehensive Support: From valuation to due diligence, we’re with you at every step, simplifying the process of selling your business.

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Experience & Expertise

Our expertise is in working with seasoned businesses that are in specific industries and have reached a scale that can be leveraged by a new owner. The companies with whom we excel are:


B2B & Professional Services


Revenue: $10 million – $500 million
EBITDA: $2 million – $25 million
Longevity: 10+ years

“When I decided to sell my business, I had no idea where to begin. Amazing how our prayers are answered. The experience was great & the transition as smooth as it could be thanks to you. I appreciate your patience but mostly your trust.”

CEO, Real Estate Services Firm

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