Chief Executive Officer

Chris Andersen

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.”


Born to a family of entrepreneurs, Chris was inspired to build a number of companies and sold three of the businesses. As an entrepreneur himself, he understands the heart and soul owners invest into their businesses.

When Chris sold his last business, he realized the investment bankers (and business brokers too) were focused on deals that would pay them the highest fees, not what happened after the deal closed. What was of great importance to Chris was also the legacy of what would happen to the company after the sale. It was important to ensure his people, customers and suppliers were well cared for given they were all instrumental in making the company successful. In addition to a very good valuation, there were new opportunities for his team to grow in their careers and be part of a larger organization…it was also a win for the buyer since his company provided them with a new skillset and sales channels they didn’t have before.

This led to the founding of what has become Destined. Working with entrepreneurs energizes Chris by sharing his experience and expertise so they can achieve their legacy. Since 2002 he has been dedicated to working with business owners to sell their companies to enable them to move on to the next chapter in their lives. Chris works to understand each owner’s goals and uses his experience to ensure his clients are delighted with the valuation they receive and are equally proud of the legacy they create when the business transition is completed.

He is an active member in the San Francisco business community where he serves on boards and serves as a business advisory to entrepreneurs. A dedicated baseball and Formula 1 fan, Chris is often rooting for his favorite team, enjoying adventurous travel and spending time with his family.

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