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Market Valuation

Market Valuation

Know the value of your business.

What is my company worth? That is typically one of the first questions we hear from business owners.

Whether you are just beginning to consider selling your business, have been approached by a potential acquirer, are wondering how to value your business, or are ready to go to market to find a buyer, it is important to know what your business is worth in the current market.

Destined is expert in determining the value of businesses. We will conduct a detailed financial analysis, benchmark your performance against peers in your industry and will evaluate comparable transactions that have occurred for business similar to yours. All this analysis will illuminate for you how buyers will assess your business to determine its value.

Since 2002 we have achieved business sale results that meet or exceed our valuations.

Our business market valuation service at Destined is an essential component of your strategic exit planning, providing an accurate assessment of your business’s worth in the current market. This service seamlessly integrates with our other key offerings, including business sales and exit option planning. By understanding your business’s true value, you can make informed decisions about your exit strategy, ensuring you maximize your returns. Our expert team guides you through the valuation process and supports you in using this knowledge to achieve a successful business sale.

“Destined was highly recommended by a venture capital firm and I found the team to be knowledgeable, experienced, wise and trustworthy. We got through the due diligence process in an orderly manner and transacted at favorable terms that benefitted all stakeholders. We are all very happy with the outcome.”

CEO & Owner, Application Security Firm

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