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“I had no idea what my business was truly worth. Anecdotally I had heard valuation ranges and industry multiples from my peers, but Destined’s valuation was illuminating by showing me actual data from my industry and giving my guidance on how to continue to build value in my company.”

CEO, Consumer Products Distributor

Destined’s Approach

So…what is my business worth?

Client Story: From initially designing and manufacturing her own consumer goods, to outsourcing manufacturing, to importing and distributing products for others, the founder had built a company with a great culture and happy customers throughout their supply chain.

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The owner of a consumer products distributor had met with her financial advisor to plan for retirement. The largest asset she owned was her business, but she did not know its current worth or how that would impact her retirement.


Destined reviewed the company’s past performance, pro-forma financials,  analyzed the business risks, evaluated its strategic capabilities that could drive future growth and benchmarked performance of the company against its industry peers.


Destined provided a range of values for each year in the future, to be used for the owners financial advisor. In addition, while the distribution business was profitable and growing Destined’s analysis uncovered a number of areas that could dramatically increase the company’s value.

  • Valuation used for retirement planning

  • Levers identified to increase valuation

  • Began succession planning to make the business easier to sell in the future

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