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Business Sales

Business Sales

Sell your business on your terms.

Destined is not the typical M&A firm – we are former business owners that have sold our own businesses. Why is that important? Most of our clients have spent years building their company and this is the one and only time they plan on selling a company…so they need to get it right.

We have first-hand understanding of the difficult choices you will make as you select an M&A advisor, prepare to present the business to buyers, navigate the due diligence process and – most importantly – prepare for life after the sale. This includes properly communicating with your employees, customers and suppliers or business associates that have been vital to your business for all these years.

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Destined offers four specialized M&A advisory services.

Exit Options

Our exit options process will help you narrow your focus on the type of sale that will achieve your financial and personal goals. Most clients we work with complete one of three sale transactions.

Business Sales

Engaging both corporate and financial buyers to find the right acquirer that meets your financial and personal goals for the business is what energizes the Destined team. While contacting the buyers is important it’s our ability to tell your story in a compelling way that is important and our constant vigilance on your behalf to ensure the buyer will deliver on their promises, as we navigate the due diligence process to protect your business and ensure all aspects of the transaction are handled to get you to a successful closing.

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Approached Sale

Nearly half of our clients come to us because they have been approached by a potential acquirer. Having never gone through the process before these business owners turn to us to lead them through the process to:

  • Conduct due diligence on the buyer
  • Communicate their unique story
  • Manage the flow of financial data that is shared
  • Negotiate fair market value
  • Lead all aspects of closing the transaction

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Private Equity Sale

Selling to a private equity firm is intriguing to many business owners. There are literally thousands of such firms in the U.S. alone. We leverage our databases and experience with different firms to identify those that best meet your needs. Whether you want to sell a majority of your business or less; have your company be the foundation of growth or added on to an existing portfolio company; keep you leading the business or allow you to exit Destined will ensure your goals are achieved.

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“We worked with Destined for a number of years to get the business ready for a sale transaction. Once the sale was in process Destined was in our corner every step of the way educating us on the process and ensuring our interests were well cared for.”

CEO & Owner, Application Security Firm

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