Managing Director

Pamela Lauper

“Wisdom is the ability to learn from change”


Pam is an accomplished leader that successfully navigated the process of selling her family business and integrating it into a larger organization.

After the sale she remained with the buyer to help them integrate disparate businesses during their acquisition binge. At Destined Pam provides invaluable insight to business owners experiencing similar transitions. Owners gain confidence and peace of mind as she focuses on the big picture while also embracing change. Pam is skilled at developing and prioritizing strategic goals while never losing sight of the employees needs during a life changing transition.

Pam’s career reflects her ability to embrace change, she held multiple executive roles in the Health Care Industry as well as President at early stage companies. Using this executive experience to help other business owners brings joy to her life…which is reflected by the contagious smile on her face.

A major food and wine lover, Pam spends her free time in St. Helena and the wine country. She also enjoys staying fit and advocates for children’s health as a board member for StandUpKids.

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