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“We worked with Destined to get the business ready for a sale transaction. Once the sale was under way Destined was in our corner at every step educating us on the process and ensuring our interests were well cared for and that we were selling to a larger acquirer with the resources to achieve even greater success.”

CEO, Service Company

Destined’s Approach

Selling a business to grow it.

Client Story: After a career in the corporate world this owner ran her own business for more than 30 years. The firm provided services to companies in technology hubs across the U.S.

After working with Destined to understand the drivers of valuation multiples in their industry and walking the client through the various Exit Options the owner decided to seek an acquisition by a larger company closely related to their industry. The primary goals were to enable the founder to move toward retirement, be able to offer more services to existing clients and offer more career opportunities to their staff.

Given the high-profile nature of the client’s customers, any transaction needed to proceed with the utmost confidentiality. Destined managed the entire process for the client working with the Strategic Acquirer including post-merger communication planning.

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An External Sale occurs when we uncover a potential buyer who is interested in acquiring your business because they are already in your industry, or they are seeking very specific expansion into a niche which they see an opportunity for growth.

Strategic Sales can be ideal – the buyer is not only interested in your results, but they can help you continue to grow by bringing more resources (such as sales or marketing), introducing you to their customers and providing a career path for your employees.

As a result, a Strategic Sale can often enjoy valuation multiples that higher than what a financial buyer would pay for your business.


During an External Sale, Destined identifies and evaluates potential buyers. We analyze and position your business to demonstrate not only your history of success but also the opportunities for continued growth. We have successfully guided dozens of External Sales, and we will lead you every step of the way.


  • Became part of large national company with international expansion plans

  • Created career opportunities for staff

  • Provided financial liquidity for the founder

Let us help you.

Our passion is working with business owners to lead them through the process of selling their company. As former business owners ourselves, we know there is a lot at stake to achieve your personal and business goals.

If an external sale is an alternative you are considering, call us to discuss your options.

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