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“I can’t thank Destined enough for choosing to guide us on our path. I speak on behalf of my partner and me when I say we feel honored.”

Co-Founder, Professional Services Company

Destined’s Approach

Selling a business while growing wealth.

Client Story: Two colleagues with unique, complementary skills started a professional services firm providing consulting services to Fortune 1000 companies. The business had grown steadily over 15 years and the company expanded from serving clients in the Bay Area to a client roster that took them from coast-to-coast.

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One of the partners was ready to move on to the next chapter of their life, while the other wanted to continue learning how to scale businesses. In addition, both wanted more financial security and desired to sell a majority of the shares in their company.


Destined began by educating clients on the types of private equity sales that would achieve the goals of each owner. After evaluating the alternatives, it was decided a sale to a private equity firm with an existing investment, with whom they could merge, would provide them with financial liquidity, bigger customer base and enable one partner to leave and the other to stay to be part of a larger management team.

In a Private Equity Sale, the buyers are very sophisticated, driven and can take advantage of an owner if they don’t have experienced guidance to navigate the process. Destined has a unique way of representing companies to private equity firms, particularly with respect to how to tell the “right” client story and from our experience in conducting diligence of this buyer type when we sold our own companies to private equity firms.

Private equity firms that were interested in allowing the sellers to retain an equity stake in the combined business were given top priority.


Destined approached nearly 125 private equity firms, from our database of thousands.

  • 20+ offers higher than the average industry multiple

  • Quantitative and qualitative research and analysis to select the right buyer

  • 80% cash at closing and a “roll over” of 20% of the client’s value into equity in the buyer

Let us help you.

Our passion is working with business owners to lead them through the process of selling their company. As former business owners ourselves, we know there is a lot at stake to achieve your personal and business goals.

Private equity firms are very sophisticated. If you are considering this type of sale, have Destined lead you through a successful deal.

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