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“Dad and grandad built this company but now the next generation isn’t interested in the business. My siblings and I learned a lot from Destined’s approach to educating us about the good and bad on the different ways we could sell the business.”

CEO, 3rd-Generation Manufacturing Business

Destined’s Approach

Who should buy your business?

Client Story: The CEO of a third-generation manufacturing company, and his brother were reaching the time to retire. They had heard a lot of stories about people who sold their companies and were upset about what happened to the business after the deal. The client was introduced to Destined by a Vistage chair to provide an overview of the company’s exit options.

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Selling your business isn’t only a financial decision – it’s also one that involves consideration of the:

  • Brand and industry standing
  • Impact on your employees
  • Customer and/or supplier reactions
  • Local community
  • (most importantly) Your legacy


As there is no perfect deal out there, Destined informed the client of the advantages and disadvantages involved with each transaction type. Specifically, based on a series of meetings and industry analysis the company was presented with options of selling to another company, private equity firm or high-net-worth business operator.


Based on the unique goals of the owners, they chose to seek a buyer that would keep the business independent. While the company acknowledged this would not lead to the largest initial payday, it will provide continuity for the business with the potential for more value over the long term.

This focused Destined’s M&A engagement to complete a transaction that was:

  • A tax efficient buy-out for the owners

  • Preserved the company as a leader in its community

  • Achieved seamless leadership transition

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Our passion is working with business owners to lead them through the process of selling their company. As former business owners ourselves, we know there is a lot at stake to achieve your personal and business goals.

If you have not previously sold a business learn what options are available to you.

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