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“I’ve spent the last 35 years building a great business with an exceptional team of people. As we approached the milestone of selling or transitioning ownership of the company, I didn’t have a clear vision or plan that maximized the value we created. It was also one of the most significant decisions of my life. The Destined team demonstrated compassion, integrity, and the expertise to guide us to a very successful outcome. I couldn’t be more pleased.”

CEO, Construction Company

Destined’s Approach

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Client Story: The current CEO took over the company from the original founder and built a substantial business over more than 35 years. His management team were also shareholders and cared deeply about the long-term success of the business, though none wanted to take on the role of majority owner and CEO.

The CEO wanted to sell the business in 5-7 years. However, when an offer was presented, he knew he should at least give it serious thought.

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The owners of a construction company were approached about a merger by a large, east-coast based construction conglomerate. The two companies had referred work to each other over a number of years, so they knew the quality of their work and cultures were very compatible.

Prior to engaging Destined, the client shared financial data with the acquirer so they could value the company. When the valuation arrived, it was a BIG disappointment for the owners. They then hired Destined to lead the M&A transaction.


The client introduced Destined to the buyer. As the owners had never sold a business before, the buyers appreciated that there would be professional guidance and management of the transaction. When the buyer had previously reviewed only the financial data supplied by the company they saw the potential for a lot of risk, and thus discounted the valuation.

When Destined shared its proprietary valuation methodology with the buyer and explained why the valuation was insufficient, they agreed that the “strategic capabilities” of our client were undervalued – so they submitted a new letter of intent (LOI).


  • Valuation increase of more than 50% over the initial LOI

  • CEO and management team able to remain with the company

  • Access to significant finance, marketing and administration capabilities

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Our passion is working with business owners to lead them through the process of selling their company. As former business owners ourselves, we know there is a lot at stake to achieve your personal and business goals.

If you have been approached by a potential acquirer call us before you share your confidential information. We will ensure you create the legacy you desire.

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