COO and Co-Founder 

Adrian Bray

“History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.”


For over 30 years Adrian has been building businesses and advising owners across the globe.

He began his career training in global logistics and accounting. Within these roles Adrian discovered his love of, and affinity for, technology. His technological skills led to leadership opportunities in a range of industries where he managed logistics, systems integration, and change management.

An entrepreneur at heart, Adrian then built and sold a technology company. This experience led him to consulting where he finds joy in guiding owners that are living their dream. Adrian loves supporting clients by developing strategies that connect the dots and unlock the potential to achieve their legacy. His multi-faceted industry experience, and mentoring skills, make him a trusted guide to owners seeking growth or transition.

As leader of the ProVisors Middle Market Group, Adrian facilitates discussions on market trends and their implications for owners. A life-long Manchester City Football fan, he stays connected to his native England as a board member of the British American Business Council. Adrian still enjoys a technological challenge, so if he is not playing the drums or watching sci-fi, he is often exploring the latest innovations with his son.

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