How Do You Prepare Your Business for a Sale?

For many entrepreneurs, the matter of selling a business can be somewhat bittersweet. Firstly, it’s the fruit of your efforts, and if you’re thinking about selling, it’s a representation of your business savvy – a big point of pride and achievement that could become your legacy. However, it no doubt holds a very special place in your heart, and it’ll be hard to let go.

But if you’re reading this, you know that if it’s time and you’re ready, letting go is the right thing to do, both for your future and the future of your business.

At Destined, we have a comprehensive strategy ourselves, when it comes to the business consulting services we offer, and how we go about taking your business exit strategy forward to a successful sale.

When you work with Destined these are the steps you’ll take:

Vision Session

We’ll help you determine a timeframe to your business destiny, by identifying your priorities and helping you focus on achieving them in the build up to a sale.

Strategy Roadmap

Every roadmap has an intended destination – this time, it’s the sale of your business. We’ll help you develop a strategy that focuses your vision and aligns your leadership team around your ultimate goal.

Journey Tracking

We’ll help you measure your progress every step of the way, so that you can exit at the valuation you want when you want to go through the sale process, and we’ll help you hold the team accountable throughout the journey.

Achievement Reward Program

In the journey to your destiny, your best people are your greatest driver toward success. We’ll help you devise an attractive reward program to help you retain your top talent, and reward progress along the way.

Guided Projects

We’ll help you have sight of your most important priorities, so that you can make the business decisions that’ll add lasting value to your business, as it heads into its shining future.

Are you ready to sell your business? Let’s connect, because at Destined, your journey is our journey, and we’ll be there with you from strategy to execution, to help you on the road to your destiny.

Click here to visit our shiny new Sale Preparation page, to find out more.

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