As owners, our company logos are branded onto our hearts – as indelible as the face of a loved one. And so, the decision to sell a business is often one that’s so monumental as to be entirely life changing. The problem that meets the entrepreneur who’s decided to sell and who’s thinking about attracting interested parties, is in the technique of maintaining balance between day-to-day business operations, while deftly handling the sell-side processes, like due diligence, legacy issues, and buyer meetings.

That’s why, Destined is here to let you know that, if you’re considering selling your business, it’s okay to ask for help – in fact, it’s often advised.

So, let’s chat here around considering an advisor to help you sell your business.

The value of a sell-side advisor

These are the 5 very beneficial traits a good business advisor can bring to the table, when your business sale is in the cards.

1. Can bring in more buyers

In your entrepreneurial journey, you’ve most likely established a number of connections in the space in which you operate. Business advisors can step to help you maintain confidentiality and to identify a number of potential buyers for your business. It’s always better to have many parties clambering and vying for what your business can offer.

2. May have better negotiating power

Negotiating is a business advisor’s sweet spot. He or she can see angles, market trends and buyer interest you may not, and negotiate to these pressure points for a more profitable sale.

3. Quashes the ‘what ifs’

Being hasty in a deal is often a rookie mistake for the newbie seller, and settling on a sale, is one unfortunate common side effect. Competent business advisors can use their aforementioned negotiating powers to ensure the deal that is finalized is the best possible option – healthily above market price and shining with favorable terms and conditions for all parties. With these features as guarantee, those ‘what ifs’ are less likely to show up after you complete your transaction.

4. Can facilitate a faster sale

Again, the sell-side M&A is a discerning advisor’s bread and butter. In a process that can become bogged down with research, paperwork, negotiations –while you’re still running the show – a little help from an outside ally can make it all go faster. After all, time is money.

5. Could salvage a slipping sale

There are many facets to a sell-side deal, with stakeholders, financial considerations, and due diligence boxes to tick. If something doesn’t align, the deal could respond like a veritable house of cards. Competent business advisors are salvage artists, and should a deal go sideways, they can step in and recover or present other options – a deal revived will always be better than a deal newly begun.

And as usual, Destined is your go-to M&A advisor. We’re a company made up of a group of former business owners that have sold our own companies, and we’re poised to be at your side in your acquisition journey – because your journey is our journey, so let’s connect.

We hope you found this insight useful.

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